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This is really a big joke of a scam, fraudsters pretending to be police

Date:      2/4/2009

These pages have been set up by the Sterling Prevention Unit, part of the Economic and Specialist Crime OCU (SCD6) and EFCC as a resource to assist in combating specific types of fraud and other economic crime, and to prevent you becoming a victim of crime.
Sterling is the Metropolitan Police and EFCC initiative to tackle Economic Crime throughout London. By working together with individuals and organizations, from all levels of the private and public sectors, Sterling aims to make London safer from all types of Economic Crime. Innovative new techniques are being developed to prevent, disrupt, and prosecute fraud related offences.

The Sterling Prevention Unit has been in existences since 2004 and is an initiative of Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)  and United Kingdom Metropolitan Police Service  to stop cyber crime, Internet fraud, scam and money laundering in Africa and London United Kingdom . We have over 7,500 of them under prosecutions and thorough investigation in our jails around Africa and United Kingdom and we are still looking for these internet fraudsters and we are aware that a lot of foreigners have been deceived and huge amount of money has also been lost to this fraudsters after promising you percentages in their letters for you to help them move funds and they will end up demanding for money from you and in return you will get nothing.

The Leaders of the African Crime fighters,  EFCC and the Sterling Prevention Unit of the Metropolitan Police Service  of the United Kingdom has come together to inform the world what is going on now and we have recovered over $422 Million Dollars (Four Hundred and Twenty two Million Dollars) from the people we have been apprehended. The reason we are writing you this letter is because your email was given to us by one of the fraudsters in our detention room after serious investigation and he equally mentioned to us that you are from india, that you currrently live and work in india please understand that our aim is to refund all lost fund to its legitimate owner, you or any other that was involve in this together, please equally understand that we will be happy to refund you all your lost funds, after proper verification that will prove to us that you were scammed of your hard earned money.

The Government has approved a total of Twenty five Thousand United states Dollars (US$25,000.00) only as the compensation of the lost that you incurred as this was a ceiling rate as some suffered more while others suffered less to and the idea is to restore you back to the position that you would have been if not that you are defrauded.

In addition to the compensation amount also approved in your favor is also Ten thousand United States Dollars (US$10,000.00) only making it a total of Thirty five thousand United States Dollars that will be paid to you in the next few days as the International confirmable Draft has been issued in your favor. Please be informed that you will be paid more than this if we finally discovered that you were defrauded more than this amount.

All that you have to do right now is to contact the undersigned  Sterling Prevention Unit/EFCC Detective (Detective Agent: Sgt. Dave Williams) that was assigned to you personally, to handle your case File SPU/EFCC/FRSCVT0076/601/QWLDUK/09 , furnish him with the following data of yours immediately as we intend finalizing this payment in few days time after proper verification and investigation with your statements, Proofs and all evidence we already have on file for you.

Your Full Name
Your Full Mailing Address (Not P.O Box Please)
Your Direct Mobile Line
Your Direct Fax Line

Please note that this information will be use for verification, then we shall request for all the correspondence you had with the fraudster in our next email to you.

We commend you to maintain a high degree excellence by working with our basic instruction to facilitate your lost fund transfer into your account. We are working 24hours to serve all scamed victims Better through our Team of Professional Criminal Expertise for your most Needs, as we are fully ready to attend to any of your complains and question at any given time you contact us..


Sterling Prevention Unit,

Metropolitan Police Service

Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)


We rely mostly on your supporting information. We want to protect our lovely country and it citizenry, and the world at large from this snare so that we can be known as a country with the highest level of decency. You are advise to contact your Crime Investigation Officer privately with all your information you are requested to provide including information relating to the transaction to enable us have a clear vision of your complain and we shall equally hear from you before we open up our recorded form of telephone conversation after putting down your statement through your Crime Investigation Officer.

Understand that the Police is your friend, so we rely on your provided information for an effective investigation and conclusion.

Once again note that we love and support for you privacy so we have allocated you with a private Officer attached to your case file (SPU/EFCC/FRSCVT0076/601/QWLDUK/09) please contact him via his email address below or call his Emergency Hotline .

Detective Agent: Sgt. Dave Williams
Phone: +44702 403 8617
Emergency Hotline: +44702 403 4626

Please note we will not respond to ALL emails sent into the Fraud Alert team, unless we require further information or clarification from you. We apologize for this, but this is necessary due to the volume of email traffic we are receiving. Please based on this recent mail traffic we have decided to attach an officer (Detective Agent: Sgt. Dave Williams) to your case file (SPU/EFCC/FRSCVT0076/601/QWLDUK/09) and all you do is to contact him with his above information and provide him with all the necessary information about your ordeal and he will get back to you. We are working 24/7 and will get back to you with information regarding your Queries.

( Confidential)****We advise, you can report yourself to your allocated officer if you know you are really a Scam Victim and know perhaps you have been defrauded of your hard earned Money, he will contact us back for further investigations. Your failure to contact your Allocated officer in the next 24 hours makes us assume you are not a scam victim. In the other hand if you received this email accidentally and you are not a victim of scam, any type of fraud before, please disregard and do not respond*****( Confidential)

Please send all related phising emails to Queries related to Paypal or Ebay should be sent to and respectively and Please provide your allocated officer (Detective Agent: Sgt. Dave Williams) with a copyof any emails that you send to these above organizations for proper record purposes..

Please see our PDF for a full introduction:

* Sterling – Economic crime strategy for London – (332Kb PDF)


Listed below are our 5 most recent news stories available. To view previous news stories then please visit our Archive.

* MPS details used by Internet Fraudsters – 30.05.2008
* Rogue publishing houses – 15.05.2008
* “Robbery suspect” & internet virus scam – 15.05.2008
* MPS private sector fraud team success- 02.04.2008
* MPS details used by internet lottery fraudsters – 25.03.2008

On this site the following are available:

* Identity Fraud
* Printing machine advance fee frauds
* Vehicle buying and selling advice
* Internet auction fraud
* Money Transfer – High Volume Fraud
* 419 Fraud
* Company Fraud
* Employee Fraud
* Internet Fraud
* ATM (Automated Teller Machine) attacks
* Lotto Fraud
* Money Laundering and asset seizure
* High Yield Investment Fraud
* Criminal cashback

Helpful information

If as a result of one of these frauds or any other type of fraud, you have become a victim of crime, you will need to attend your local police station to report the allegation. If you are a resident in Greater London area this link will provide details of your local police station.

If you are resident outside the London area the following link will provide you with details of your local force website from which you can obtain details of your local police station.

What can I say?


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February 5, 2009 at 5:42 am

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