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Dr. Wahab Shitta-Bay Scam

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Fancy Scammer warning about scammers 🙂

I am Dr. Wahab Shitta-Bay; the Director, Nigerian Petroleum and Pipeline
Trading Commission (NPPTC); a special agency set up by the Presidency to
exclusively conduct the international sales and distribution of Nigeria’s
Petroleum and Products, which is why we also maintain permanent presence
here in the London International Petroleum Exchange (IPE).
I am aware that spammers have in no small measure created a climate of
suspicion and uncertainty in internet communication, thereby making it
near impossible for potential business partners to trust each other and
engage in meaningful business discussions and relations over the internet.
However, I appeal that you read and evaluate my email before judging me.

I have US$23.5Million, which I accumulated by allocation and sales of
excess quantity of petroleum to foreign buyers. The proceed (US$23.5) from
this excess quantity is now in our (NPPTC) account with the Federal Bank
where proceeds from all our sales are received after being processed and
forwarded to us by JP Morgan.
The matter now is that I can not pull or withdraw this US$23.5m out of our
account without proper documentations and reason. This is why I am sending
this email to you.
I want to work with you to transfer this US$23.5million to your account.
Yes, I will release and transfer the fund into your account as a
legitimate and due payment for a maintenance work that was done for us
(the NPPTC) some years ago.
Your job/occupation or line of business does not matter at all.

I have my sources in the relevant government offices through which I would
secure the necessary backdated documents that I would submit to the bank
to get them to process the transfer without delay.
The entire process would not take more than 10 working days to conclude it.
You would retain 15% of the fund as your share, and the remaining 85%
would be mine. For more details, please contact me only at

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Wahab.R Shitta-Bay (Cell: +447031866335)

UK Office: Suite 2-3/13, International House,
1 St. Katharines Way London, E1W 9UY
Fax: (+44) 8447743034 / 8447744017



Written by Scam Busters

July 24, 2011 at 6:34 am

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