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Dear friend,

I know this message will come to you as a surprise. I got your contact on the course of my extensive search for someone to assist me complete this project.
My name is .fredrick calitz. I am the director of operations in a reputable finance company here in South East Asia.
In May 2010, Saif al-Arab Gaddafi who was killed during a NATO air strike in Tripoli, Libya came to our office and deposited the sum of USD15million. He did not provide any next of kin, rather he instructed that the beneficiary is any foreign business partner he nominates.
After his death, I gave this transaction a serious thought….no beneficiary will ever come forward for this fund since he has being killed. He never used his real name to make the deposit. He used a ghost name Saif al-Saif with no link at all to the Gaddafi family.
I and two of my colleagues have carried out an extended investigation on this transaction and have discovered that nobody will ever come forward for this fund, that it will be forfeited to the state treasury at a certain time.
We then decided to look for someone whom we can stand as the beneficiary of this fund- hence this message. Every arrangement to retrieve this fund out has already being perfected by us. As insider in our institution, it is not possible for me to stand as the beneficiary as this will raise eyebrows.
I would like you to join hands with me so that we can handle this transaction together. You do not have much role to play as I will be directing everything from the inside.
Upon successful completion of this project, you will have 30% of the total fund, 10% will be for expenses while the rest will be for me.
I once again assure you that this project is 100% risk free.

Contact me on email:

I wait for your reply and please the confidentiality of this project should be maintained.

My Best regards,
Fredrick calitz


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July 26, 2011 at 10:25 am

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