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It is my modest obligation to write you this letter as regards the authorization of your owed payment through our most respected financial institution (UNITED GLOBAL BANK OF AFRICA).I am Mr. Joseph Roland Djotie, The Chief Financial, Foreign Operations Department, UNITED GLOBAL BANK OF AFRICA, NIGERIA REPUBLIC. The BRITISH GOVERNMENT in conjunction with US GOVERNMENT WORLD BANK, The UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION on foreign payment matters has empowered my Bank after much consultation and consideration to handle all foreign payments and release them to their appropriate beneficiaries with the help of a representative from Federal Reserve Bank of New York, As the newly appointed/accredited International Paying Bank,

We have been instructed by the World Governing Body together with the Committee on International Debt Reconciliation Department to release your overdue funds
with immediate effect; with this exclusive Vide Transaction No.: WHA/EUR/202, Transfer Allocation No.: ubabank/X44/701LN/WGB/GB, Password: 339331, Pin Code:
78569, Certificate of Merit No: 104, Release Code No: 0876; Immediate UBABANK Telex Confirmation No: -222568; Secret Code: XXTN014.Having received these vital payment numbers, you are instantly qualified to receive and confirm your payment with us within the next 72hrs.

Be informed that we have verified your payment file as directed to us and your name is next on the list of our outstanding fund Beneficiaries to receive their payment before the end of this First term of the year 2011. Be advised that because of too many funds beneficiaries due for payment at this First quarter of the year, you are entitled to receive the sum of Four Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$4,600,000.00) only, as part payment so as to enable us pay other eligible beneficiaries. To facilitate with the process of this transaction.

we are surpposed to transfer your fund direct to your account but due to too many internet fraud all over the World, we decided to program your fund into an ATM CARD, right now your ATM CARD have been taken to the DHL COURIER DELIVERING COMPANY for immediate dispacth to your home address please note that the UNITED GLOBAL BANK OF AFRICA has paid for your delivering and insurance fee, the Bank gave the fee $500.00 to Mrs. Dena Ketterer to give to the DHL COURIER DELIVERING COMPANY for your ATM CARD delivering charge and insurance fee, all you need to do right now is to make sure you contact DHL COURIER DELIVERING COMPANY before DHL can proceed with the delivery of your ATM CARD package to your doorstep.

Put this information in your mind that your package has been with the DHL COURIER DELIVERING COMPANY for the past one week now and we have receive a call from DHL Manager that they have been finding it very deficute to contact you, since your package has been with them for one week now, you have to contact them on time so that they would be no any delay on your ATM CARD delivery.

Now that your ATM CARD has been with the DHL COURIER DELIVERING COMPANY the only fee you have to pay to the DHL COURIER DELIVERING COMPANY is $150 for security keeping fee of your ATM CARD and you have to do this on time so that your ATM CARD can get to you on time.

You have to contact DHL COURIER DELIVERING COMPANY through this information immediately.

DHL Delivery Company International
Contact Person: Mr Moses Goodluck
Contact possition: Dispacth Manager
Email: (
Tel:   +234-816-271-9563

They will be expecting you to receive your delivery information as follows.


You have to stop any further communication with anybody or office, Bank or any order DHL office.

Thanks for your co-operation. Note: Because of impostors, we hereby issued you our code of conduct, which is (Code=2457) so you have to indicate this code when ever you are contacting us.

Thank you,
Joseph Roland Djotie,
The Chief Financial, Foreign Operations Department


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January 23, 2012 at 3:32 am

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