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Request for Assistance From Miss Belinda Kouadio
How are you today? i was convince within my heart that i can trust you
with all my heart but my only fear now is that i hope and pray you believe
what i have to tell you.
I am Miss Belinda Kouadio,21yrs old. My mother was an African American while my father was from the french speaking colony of Cote D’ Ivoire, i
was living with my mother not too far from Charleston building, 601 57th
Street,Charleston West Virginia USA. And i attended Charleston senior
High School,1201 Washington Street E, Charleston, WV.
I lost my mother sometimes ago and after her death i came to meet my
father for the very first time in Cote d’Ivoire, though he was also living
in the state before he relocated back to Cote d’ Ivory to set up a
Exactly four months and one week after i came to meet my father with the
help of US consulates he died, he was very sick when i came to meet him,
but before his death there was some documents he gave to me and he told me that everything he worked for in his life time is in that documents when i
crosscheck the documents i discovered that my late father deposited Fifteen Million Five Hundred United States Dollars in one of the banks here in Abidjan, Cote D’ Ivory.

The reason i am telling you this is that i am just a small girl and there is
little or nothing i could do on my own and again if my late father
relative find out that my late father left that kind of money in my care i
don’t know what they might do to me, so i need you to help me contact the
bank and claim the whole money for me as my Guardian,and take me along
with you.
If you do this for me apart from the love and respect, i will also offer you
20% of the total money for helping me.Please i requested for your trust and
understanding because it might sound unbelievable but it is the truth

Yours Truly
Miss Belinda Kouadio


Written by Scam Busters

January 23, 2012 at 10:10 am

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