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Mrs Miriam Al Senussi Scam

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Hello Dear,

I am contacting you with a heavy heart because of the recent incidents in my country Libya. Where there has been heavy fighting and massive killings of people from my tribe in Sirte and in Tripoli by the NTC fighters. Due to my Family close relationship with the late Col Ghadaffis Government, We are constantly being targeted by the NTC rebels and there Sponsors.

I am the widow of Dr Abdul Al Senussi. My Husband was a former senior official in the former Government of Col Ghadaffi but the NTC rebels have killed my Husband last August when the initial crises and violence broke out. I have managed to run away for my dear life and now taking refuge in Bamako-Mali. During the time my Late Husband served as a senior government official in my country, he managed to save the sum of USD20 (Twenty- million hundred united states dollars only.) which he deposited with a private security company in Europe.

When I was running away from my country, I succeeded in bringing along the deposit documents of the consignment since my late Husband made me the next of kin and beneficiary of the consignment in the event of his death. Please, I will like you to assist me in transferring the fund to your account in your country so that it could be used for investment purposes. I shall reward you handsomely if you assist me with my request.

I shall give you more comprehensive details of this transaction if I receive your favorable response as quickly as possible.

My regards
Mrs Miriam Al Senussi

Please kindly reply me back via this email addres for more information on how to contact the
security company in Europe.


Written by Scam Busters

January 23, 2012 at 2:50 pm

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