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Good day,

Attn: Friend,

I am indeed sorry for contacting you through this means. However, i understand that the internet has been insulted by scam and fraud stars who
try to rip off people of their hard earn money. But am a Muslim woman, I cannot lie to any one because it is against my religion. I swear with the
name of Allah that what I am telling you is the truth and please for my own security keep this matter to yourself alone.

My names are Abda Hassan Mohammed a wife to one of Gadaffi's Pilot, my husband die when Gadaffi ran to his hometown, but why am writing you this
email is because the trouble is over now we were hit by the bomb sent by NATO forces and I and my children are all hospitalized.

Please I want to entrust into your care because I don't know if we will come out of these hospital alive. I have 7 cards master and visa ATM cards which
we use any time we go abroad America Europe Asia just round the world and in each of the cards we have over $2 million dollars in each of them. Presently
here in Libya all the banks are down now and it cannot be used here as no machine work here.

So I have sent out all my ATM cards visa and master cards out of Libya. It was packed sealed inside a wall clock and laptop sent to Ghana and presently
the package is with my cook who ran to Ghana when the trouble was just too much. I gave him the wall clock and laptop to take with him and keep it save
until I contact him for it, he is not aware of the contents.

I want to send you the wall clock and laptop to your address when you receive them you open up the clock and laptop you will find 7 ATM cards visa
and master in both of them. Then I will send you the pin codes for each of them as soon as you confirm and receive the package. You can remove $2,500
dollars from each of the cards from any ATM machine, as everyday you can remove total of $17,500 with all the cards and keep $7,500 for yourself each
day then I will send you a new account where you will be paying in $10,000 dollars daily for me, the point is I have to remove all the funds from all
my cards because if the new government come on power all my husband access will be sized as Gadaffi's Pilot.

Please nobody knows about what I have just told you even my cook in Ghana believe it is just a clock and a laptop. And he is waiting for my orders to
send the package to wherever I instruct him. If you can handle these for me then please forward all your details right now and I will send it to him, to
enable him send the package directly to you.

I will give you other information's when I hear from you.

Abda Hassan.

Written by Scam Busters

February 4, 2012 at 7:18 am

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