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United Nations Development Programme Scam

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United Nations Development Programme
Headquarters: #1 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017, USA

Dear Beneficiary
Congratulations, this is to bring to your notice that I am delegated from the United Nations to inform you that you have been listed among with other citizens approved for this payment as one of the economic failure victims to be paid the sum of Five million united states dollars[USD$5 000,000.00] to start a new life again, as a proper research has been done and ascertained that the recovery of the countries failed economy will take some time (years) to come back to its normal status. Therefore, We’re giving you this privilage that you should believe on your intuition that this is a one time opportunity to start a new life.

Hence, we have undertaken every procedure to ensure the immediate transfer of the reform fund payment to your nominated account. Our duty is to ensure that every respectable citizen receive their payment without any further hitches. The Governing Council therefore devised a mechanism for the allocation of available funds to successful claimants/citizens. We have nominated a reputable bank for immediate processing of  an online bank to bank transfer.

Please, be reminded that we have a very limited time to conclude this payment so your swift response will be appreciated.It will interest you to know that the only commitment from you is that you will be responsible for the processing cost of the transfer.This is the sole duty of the E-tranfer officer [Mr.Henry Godswill] to inform you the exact sum for the processing cost of your transfer.

Kindly forward your information to paying bank immediately.

Bank Name: HSBC Bank London
Contact person: Mr. Henry Godswill
Phone number: +44-701-114-9279
Fax Number:   +44 7011-149279-21

Mrs.Helen Clark
Head: United Nations Development Programme[UNDP]

Cc: US President
Cc: UN secretary general
Cc: U.S. Treasury Secretary
Cc:EU secretariat
Cc:AU Secretariat


Written by Scam Busters

February 11, 2012 at 8:46 am

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